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Project Title: Governmental Capacity Building on Human Rights in Relationship to the Enforcement of State Power
Project Direct Target: Internal Security Forces
Project Indirect Target: Juvenile Justice

Project description:
This study presents a preliminary assessment of the current status of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) with respect to juvenile justice enforcement and presents a proposed action plan to build its capacity and to achieve compliance with the CRC and the Lebanese juvenile laws, particularly Law 422/2002.  It proposes three parallel courses of strategic actions. The first is programmatic, which targets the building capacity of the ISF officers through juvenile justice training programs. The second is legal, which sets the stage for updating and amending juvenile laws and regulations.  The third is strategic and institutional, which aims to establish a Juvenile Section within the Human Rights Department at the ISF. These strategic actions are proposed to be carried out by a coalition of stakeholders consisting of government and non-government entities.


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