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Education is a key to development

Education is, first and foremost a fundamental human right, enshrined in international human rights instruments from the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child

Quality education is a strategic priority for the Center of Arab Research and Development – CARD. Education has an immense impact on the human development of any society. Education is a must if a nation aspires to achieve growth and development and more importantly sustain it.  The importance of education cannot be ignored by any State. And in today’s global world, the role of education has become even more imperative. Many studies and research have proven the fact that investment in education is an absolute need for economic and social development and stability of any State.

The Education Unit at CARD aims at promoting quality education at the regional level by advocating to policy reform, improving the capacity of practitioners and decision makers, disseminating knowledge and effective practices, and scaling up successful pilot interventions with focus on:

  • Early Childhood Care and Development
  • Active Learning
  • Special Education
  • Education in Emergencies
  • Character Education
  • Nature Education
  • Literacy for Girls
  • Life Skills Education
  • Parent Education