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Project Title: Assessment of Early Childhood Development in Lebanon
Project Direct Target: Early Children
Project Indirect Target: Stakeholders in Early Childhood Development in Lebanon

Project description:
A team of CARD's researchers and ECD advisors were involved in facilitating the implementation of a study launched and lead by the Wolfenson Center for Development on: Early Childhood Development in Lebanon. The goal of this study is to provide an overall landscape of the Early Childhood Development (ECD) system of Lebanon. This includes all programs, services, and policies targeting the health, nutrition, and early care and education of children (prenatal age of primary school entry). Both public and privately funded and operated programs and services are included. Once the ECD landscape has been constructed, the second goal of the study is to focus on areas of needed improvement and produce recommendations for what could and should happen next to improve and expand ECD in the country. The study was completed by January 2012.


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